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Born in Glasgow a wee while ago now, Dr Colin is a keen orthopedic and soft tissue surgeon. He enjoys the challenge of clinical conundrums and providing the best patient care he can, with a commitment to continued knowledge and professional development. 

A native of Cayman and first Caymanian graduate of St Matthew's University,   Dr Lisa enjoys dentistry, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. She has a very hands-on approach, and is often found nursing and spending time with our patients whenever she has a quick minute!

Dr Colin Manson
Dr Lisa M. Hunter
Dr Amy Melleney

Dr Amy joined Kman vets in January 2022. Originally from Sussex in the UK, Dr Amy has worked previously as a large animal veterinarian in the UK and NZ allowing her to be highly adaptable. Along with her partner Amy has recently purchased a small boat and loves her weekend adventures in the North Sound with Yanny, her rescue pup.


Alongside Dr Colin, Nurse Jessica started Kman Vets in early 2018. Her  main interests are in patient care, pain management, acupuncture and trusted and informative  client education and support. 

Jessica Manson, RVN
Head Veterinary Nurse

Emma is Caymanian and studying towards her veterinary nursing qualification. Her quiet compassionate nature make her a natural nurse. Dr Colin too appreciates her steadfast abilities as his surgical assistant! 


Emma Conolly
Student Veterinary Nurse
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Having just completed a 3 year diploma, Nurse Georgia had had the opportunity study at Glasgow University her hometown. Georgia enjoys rehabilitation including laser and physiotherapy, along with emergency care. Georgia spent  many 
childhood summers here, on Seven Mile Beach.
Georgia Gray 
Veterinary Nurse
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Nurse Lucy joined us in January 2021 seeking an adventure and a 'different' life whilst maintaining her strong love of medical nursing.
Lucy has a wealth of experience having worked in large first opinion and referral hospitals in the UK and very much looks forward to endless days at the beach!
Lucy Wright, RVN
Veterinary Nurse
Rowan Willman, RVN
Veterinary Nurse
(Cert) Veterinary Anaesthesia
Melissa Lingard, RVN
Veterinary Nurse
(Cert) Veterinary Anaesthesia
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Caymanian born, Kayla has worked in other pet industry positions before joining us in December 2019. Kayla is kept busy with Dr Colin's surgical kits (!) as well as assisting Jess with more technology and inventory     based tasks. She has still to see a  Cayman sunset 'green flash'.....
 Acting as our locum nurse between her travels is 
Caymanian, Roberta.   Having  graduated from the  University of Edinburgh in 2018 with a BSc (Hons) degree in veterinary nursing, she then went to specialize in Veterinary Anesthesia. A passionate, caring and authentic individual.
Roberta Testori, RVN
Veterinary Nurse
PG (Cert) Veterinary Anaesthesia
Kayla Grant
Animal Care Assistant
Adriel Carter
Assistant Veterinary Nurse
Roberta Testori, RVN
Veterinary Nurse
PG (Cert) Veterinary Anaesthesia
Featured pets: Mansun Manson, Cookie, Spikey Haggis, Bentley, Aurora, Molly, Oreo, Private Ryan