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Please do not complete this form until AFTER you have scheduled a health certificate exam appointment with us. 

We can not submit any documents to the Department of Agriculture without first examining your pet.


Call us at (345) 640-5838 to schedule an appointment.  Once an appointment has been made, please take the time to fill in this form completely.   


Please complete this form at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid any delays on the day of your appointment.

Your pet requires a valid rabies vaccination AND titre to be able to return to the Cayman Islands.  This is also applicable for some international countries.

Kman Vets is responsible for the examination and medical assessment of your pet's ability to travel.  We are happy to help with the basics of your travel plans, however please note that it is your responsibility to organize all requirements for travel. 


The endorsement of travel documents (import and export permits) is carried out by the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture. 


Once your pet has been examined by a veterinarian at Kman Vets, we will electronically forward your certificate to the CI Department of Agriculture.  It is your responsibility to collect the export permit from the CI Department of Agriculture facility in Lower Valley BEFORE YOUR FLIGHT!  


You will not be able to travel without an export permit issued by the CI Department of Agriculture.

Some health certificates require that you schedule an appointment with the CI Department of Agriculture to endorse the documents in person after your pet's health check with Kman Vets.  Please contact the CI Department of Agriculture during your travel preparation in case this is applicable for your travel destination.

The validity period of the health certificate may vary with individual airlines and destination country.  Please note that it is your responsibility to verify.

Please contact the DoA in regard to organizing your import permit.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your pet meets the necessary import requirements to be able to return to the Cayman Islands.

Client & Pet Travel Details

Each submission allows for a maximum of two pet entries.  If you are registering more that two pets, please submit another form

Do not leave any fields blank.  If question does not apply please answer with "n/a".


Failure to complete this submission form in its entirety, or submit supplemental documents may delay processing of your health certificate and affect travel.

Origin information

Are you using the services of a Pet Travel Consultant or Cayman-based Broker?
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