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Work Experience Student
Attendance Consent Form

Welcome Students!

At Kman Vets we are always keen to support students interested in a career in the veterinary industry and give them some expectations of what is involved working with pets in a private veterinary clinic in the Cayman Islands.

By completing this form as the parent or guardian of the student mentioned below (who is under 18 years of age) I am giving my consent for them to attend Kman Vets for the purposes of work shadowing. I acknowledge working with pets can be unpredictable at times and every effort will be made by Kman Vets to consider the students safety at all times. I understand Kman Vets cannot be held responsible for any misguided actions made by the student if the risks and consequences have been clearly explained to them.


I acknowledge the information provided is private and confidential and will only be referred to should an emergency arise. 


  • Dress code: casual trousers (no jeans), covered shoes, a scrub top will be provided to cover your outer clothing
  • Long hair to be tied back

  • Please be polite and courteous to staff and clients

  • ALWAYS request permission from the client to approach their pet or offer a treat. Avoid crowding cats

  • Do not open a cage door without permission from a staff member.

  • Questions are encouraged however please be mindful of when these questions are asked. Try to avoid during examinations or surgeries when the Dr maybe concentrating and attention is being paid to the pet and owner

  • Bring a packed lunch and or snacks or money to purchase nearby

  • Please complete jobs and tasks quietly and efficiently

  • Mobile phones must be on silent

  • If you feel sick or light headed...sit down! A staff member will help you.

  • Wash your hands regularly and especially before consuming food

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