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In preparation for your Health Certificate appointment with us...


Please email copies of the following documents to prior to your appointment with us:

- Annual Vaccinations

- Rabies Vaccination certificate(s)

- Rabies Titre certificate

- Microchip Implant certificate

- Cayman Islands Dept. of Agriculture Single Entry Import Permit  (if your pet was previously imported into the Cayman Islands) view sample import certificate here

This will allow us to prepare the health certificate in advance and advise of out-of-date vaccinations or other requirements for travel. 


Once you have scheduled an appointment with us, follow this link to complete a travel submission form.  Failure to complete this submission form in its entirety, or submit supplemental documents may delay processing of your health certificate and affect travel.

Please bring hard copies of the above documentation and current pet passports to the appointment.

Traveling soon?

Give us a call for .....

How to get to the Department of Agriculture...

You will need to visit the Department of agriculture for:

- Rabies Vaccinations

- Collecting export permits prior to travel

- Endorsement of travel documents prior to travel

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